The short answer, that many don’t want to hear is yes you will need to, but please read on for our explanation of why.

We are trying to be very equitable about this, but there are some simple financial realities.

With Outdoor Map Navigator Classic (2012-2017), users paid a one-off fee, and reached for support and further map downloads whenever they required them.

This unfortunately conditioned some users to expect software and support for life.

Over the last five years, the digital map market has changed considerably, along with the contracts offered by the Ordnance Survey.

When Outdoor Map Navigator Classic (OMNC) launched in 2012, map prices were much higher than they are today, especially when the new subscription models are considered. The old model going forward is simply not sustainable on the lower map prices.

If you purchased maps in OMNC, at Anquet we are not currently changing anything. You can continue to use your maps within the software that you purchased them with.

We have over the last two years invested considerable time and money into our latest software which is now available on PC, macOS, Android and iOS. For Anquet to simply gift this new software to users, would result in further direct costs for Anquet in support and map downloads.

We realise that many of our users have a large investment in maps they have purchased, which due to the way Ordnance Survey contracts have changed have in fact been greatly devalued.

We believe that a lot of our users will move to a new subscription with new Ordnance Survey mapping as it will give them access to up-to-date mapping.

However, for some users who bought only a few years ago we understand that you will wish to get further usage from your investment, and so we are offering subscriptions which we believe reflect good value for money for you to use your map catalogue in the latest software. These subscriptions allow us to recoup our costs and give you access to the latest software, Anquet servers for map downloads along with access to the first-class support that we offer.

Anquet Standard Subscriptions