The installation process is very similar on all of our platforms – PC, macOS, iOS and Android.

1. Check you are running OMN

If you are running OMN Classic or earlier software, you will need to update to our latest software.

The easiest way to tell, is that you should have started OMN from an icon with a green line across it. If the icon is just blue and white, you are running one of our legacy systems. The icon you started OMN from should look like the following:

If you are not running the latest OMN, then please see the following links to install the software:



OMN iOS (iPhone, iPads)

OMN Android (tablets and phones)

2. Open My Maps

On the PC/macOS, click on the map drop down, and select the last option ‘My Maps’. On Android/iOS, tap the menu button (bottom right), select 'Map Management'.

3. Run Sync

On the My Maps screen, press the ‘Sync’ button.

The system will now do a full sync with Anquet Cloud which will enable your new subscription or newly purchased maps within the software.

4. View your map

You should now see your new maps listed ready for use.

On PC/macOS

To expand a product listing click on the arrow to the left of the product name,

Select the map you wish to view, and press the 'View Map' button.

On mobiles

Tap on a Product name, and the product will expand to show the maps that are contained within that product.

Tap on a map and a menu will appear. Select 'View Map' to view your map.

For more information on downloading maps for offline use, please see the following links:

Working with the My Maps screen

Strategies for Downloading maps for offline use