OMN 2017 supports both purchased maps and subscription maps.

You can use OMN 2017 with just subscription maps, just purchased maps, or a combination of both.

Purchased Maps

A purchased map, is one where you purchase a lifetime license to use the mapping within the Outdoor Map Navigator software. This has traditionally been the only way to access premium mapping, and is still the only supported pricing model for quite a few cartographers, such as Harvey and Cassini. The OS support both purchased and subscription pricing.

Subscription Maps

Subscription maps give you access to the mapping for a period of time at a set price. Once the time limit is up, you have no more access to the mapping unless you pay for another time interval. We now offer Ordnance Survey maps via subscription.

We therefore have three combinations of map usage:

1. Subscription Maps Only User

A lot of people use just Ordnance Survey mapping for their outdoor activities, and in which case our new OS Premium and OS Premium Plus subscriptions will provide a full set of walking maps, updated as the OS update them, backed up by our new apps, Anquet Cloud for your routes and our support desk should you encounter any problems.

2. OS Premium Subscription and Purchased Map User

Many long term Anquet customers will fall into this category. Having built up a catalogue of maps over the years, taking out a subscription now gives you access to the latest OS maps, the latest software and of course support.

You will also though have access to your back catalogue of maps – so for instance, any Harvey, historical or French maps that you have bought over the years will still be accessible.

Alternatively, you could be a new customer who having bought a Premium OS subscription has now bought a Harvey map or a historical map.

3. Purchased Map Only User

If you don’t wish to subscribe to any maps, you don’t need to, and you can continue to use the maps you have purchased within OMN 2017. You can also continue to build your map catalogue by purchasing further mapping.

However, the OMN 2017 apps aren’t free, but you can take out an annual Standard subscription from just £10 per year which gives you access to the latest apps, Anquet Cloud for route sync between your devices and access to our support.

Until 30th November 2017, we have included our Standard Subscription free of charge to let our current users have access to the new apps.

Offline Access to mapping

With all of our subscriptions, you can stream mapping to your desktop or mobile device. As you view a map, OMN will use your internet connection to pull down just the necessary mapping to populate the screen with the desired mapping.

All of our subscriptions also support offline use of purchased and subscription maps on our mobile apps – iOS and Android.

If you wish to have offline use of purchased or subscription maps on our desktop apps – PC and macOS, then you will require either an OS Premium Plus or Standard Plus subscription.

The exception to this, is any map purchased, comes with a complimentary 30-day period for map download starting from the date or purchase regardless of subscription. Further downloads if required beyond the 30-days would require a subscription that supports the download you require.