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1.04 Released 22 February 2018

A large update:

+ Improvements in speed and stability.

+ Now runs inside an Apple 'Sandbox' to make sure as an app we don't misbehave. This is a requirement for listing on the macOS App-Store which we are intending to do in due course.

+ Updates to Map Download and Verify - smoother and quicker.

+ New splash screen.

+ Estimated Time settings now possible through Preferences.

+ Edit Waypoint screen implemented which allows naming of waypoints and adding text to them.

+ Information Panel on GPX Editor added, which shows up statistics.

+ New columns added to GPX Editor which can be configured in Preferences->GPX Editor.

+ Preferences->Reset->Find Place added.

0.47 Released 16 August 2017

A number of fixes in this one, mainly from fixes to core code for the on-going work on the mobiles.

+ After deleting a route, the right click context menu was incorrect - fixed.

+ Line Styles not saving on tracklogs - fixed.

+ Not drawing routes in a GPX file if one route was empty. Fixed.

+ Error messages reading ‘GPX Explorer’ have been updated to be ‘GPX Editor’.

+ Right click on a track and set the style was crashing the system - fixed.

+ Height data around the meridian was wrong. fixed.

+ Minimum version of macOS lowered to 10.10, which we believe should work.