Naismith was a Scottish Mountaineer who came up with a rule of thumb that a person could walk at 5 km/h on the flat, and that for every 600 m of ascent you climbed, you should add another hour to your walk.

You can read more about his work here: Naismith's Rule

You can read more about him here: William W. Naismith

At Anquet, we have created profiles based on Naismith's rule and allow you to customise the data - not everyone walks at the pace of a great mountaineer or has his level of fitness.

For most people, they therefore wish to fine-tune the variables so that they can get some numbers that give realistic results for them.

We have also added Descent. For road cyclists, they will probably want a negative number as in fact a downhill stretch of road makes things quicker. Some mountain cyclists prefer a positive number as they find some downhill stretches more complex and so in fact slow down.

There are three variables to fine tune - speed of travel, ascent and descent. OMN provides five starting profiles, but you can use the New and Delete buttons to add or remove profiles. You might therefore fine tune Walking and create two new ones Walking with Grandchildren, Group Walking.

If you delete all of the profiles, the system will reset back to the original five default profiles.

Whichever profile you have selected, will then alter the Estimated Time which is calculated. You can see this as a column in the GPX Editor.

Finally Sync Profiles will sync your profile data to Anquet Cloud, so that it can be shared with other OMN apps.