Warning for mobile users: Its very tempting to uninstall/reinstall the OMN app if its not behaving properly, but please be warned that in most instances this will remove all of your map downloads. 

OMN records that it is starting up, and if OMN does not progress through to displaying the map screen, it will count this as a failed startup.

After two failed startups, on the third attempt, OMN will notify you that it has failed to start twice, and ask if you wish to reset your files. If you opt for yes, OMN will shutdown, and on your next startup, you will be asked for your email/password, and OMN will sync against Anquet Cloud.

There are times when OMN may not progress far enough in the startup process to display notifications and question the user. If this occurs, then after three failed startups, the system will automatically reset without asking the user. The next startup will then require a login.