The latest software can always be downloaded from Google Play. Please search for OMN within Google Play on your Android phone or tablet.

You can see which version you are running by opening up Settings on the main menu, and selecting About.

1.0.50 Released 5th October 2018

+ Mini-Compass added at the bottom of the screen which points North. If your compass is not pointing North, please move the phone in a large figure of eight so that it will calibrate. Please also note some older phones do not have a built in compass.
+ Updates to further aid stability.

1.0.32 Released 1st July 2018

 + Share GPX files from OMN to other apps.

 + Share GPX files from other apps to OMN.

 + Fix for tracklog recording failing to start on some Android 8.1 devices.

0.85 Released 19th May 2018

 + Area Calculations added.

 + Improvements to startup and subscription renewal.

 + Sync button added on Settings->Subscriptions.

 + Enter password button added to Settings->My Account.

 + Settings Reset logic change to ask if you wish to sync local data first.

 + Various other small bug fixes.

0.81 Released 17th April 2018

 + Subscription buttons added, so that if you scroll to where you don't have mapping, but Anquet have it available, it is easier to purchase.

0.80 Released 13th April 2018

+ Lock Screen added.
+ Orientation can now be fixed in Settings->Main Map Screen.
+ Settings->Waypoint Information added to control what is displayed in GPX Editor.
+ Add Waypoint button added to Find screens.
+ Performance increases for drawing routes with lots of text.
+ Additional options in the Style Managers for Line Styles and Waypoints Styles.

0.72 Released 24th January 2018

If the system was closed down with the GPS running, on some devices the system would then not restart requiring a force close of the app.

Small improvement to Settings->Reset user feedback.

Stats Bar improvements between sessions. If you hide the Stats Bar, close OMN, open OMN, and show the Stats Bar it now remembers if it was in a normal or expanded state.

0.71 Released 21st January 2018

After a lot of work with our active beta group, we have now released our initial release.