The following are currently available. This list will be expanded in further updates to the apps.

Accuracy - The reported horizontal accuracy by your device of your GPS location.

Altitude - Taking your current GPS position, and looking up the height in the Anquet height data.

Compass Direction - (Only in beta on Android currently) - the compass direction as reported by your on-board compass.  Please be aware that not all phones have an in-built compass.

Direction - This is the direction between the last two GPS fixes. So whilst a Compass Bearing (above) is the direction you are facing, Direction is the direction you have been walking in.

Distance - Distance travelled as recorded by your currently recording tracklog.

Grid Location - Your current GPS location, displayed in the format you have set in Settings->Coordinates.

Speed - The current speed reported by your GPS.

Time - Current time on your phone.

No Data / Clear - if you would rather not have data in one cell, select this to clear it.