Common issues:

Logged in with wrong user / second account

When you purchase a subscription it is automatically applied to the email address that you used during checkout. If you are then logged into an OMN app with a different email address, you will not have access to the subscription that you bought.

If you open up Settings->My Account you can see the email address that you are logged into OMN with. If you have logged in with the wrong account, simply do a Settings->Reset and then login with the correct details.

If you have inadvertently created a second account - if the second account does not contain any purchases, then just ignore it. If however you now have two accounts on two email addresses with purchased maps/subscriptions on both, then please contact support and we can merge the accounts for you.

PayPal - different account

When checking out with PayPal, the subscription will be applied to the email address you use with PayPal. If that wasn't your intended email address, then please contact support and we can move the subscription to the email address you require.

Map Sync

The following page will show you how to sync your subscription. Step 3 has often been skipped by users and is important. Repeating any of the steps won't cause any issues, so even if you think you have done these steps, it may be worth repeating them: Installing your Subscription

Check the subscription

If you are correctly logged in and have done a sync, you should see your subscription details listed in Settings->My Subscriptions

Map Data Repair

It could be that your map data has somehow got corrupted. In which case please see this link: Repairing Map Data


If you use the Settings->Reset, this will clear your local data (but not your map downloads). On restart, you will be asked to login, and the system will re-sync your map purchases and subscriptions.