To contact support, please submit a support ticket at with the same email / password that you use in the Outdoor Map Navigator software and submit your ticket.

You can then submit your support query.


Why not receive support queries by email?

Simply put to provide a better and quicker service. The vast majority of support emails don’t tell us which version of the software the user is running, or if it’s a PC, macOS, iOS or Android that they use Anquet software on. We then either guess (often wrongly) or write very verbose replies across all platforms which confuse customers, or in most cases we just slow the process down by not answering the initial question, but just replying asking for more information so that we can then answer the question. A simple form on our support portal avoids all of this.

Phone Support

We are sorry, but we do not offer a support phone line. We answer all of our support tickets, so please contact us in that format.


Self Help Support articles

There are a lot of support articles on the support portal, so you may well find your answer.


Are you running the latest software?

Often issues are resolved just by updating to the latest software.

If you aren’t sure which version of Anquet software you are running, please see this link:

Anquet Maps Software Versions

For software updates:

Latest software updates for Outdoor Map Navigator (2017 onwards)

Latest software updates for Outdoor Map Navigator Classic (2012-2017)


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