OMN2 - blue/white logo with a GREEN stripe through it.

OMN3 - blue/white logo with a YELLOW stripe through it.

Running OMN2 and OMN3

OMN3 will in time completely replace OMN2, but they can work alongside each other and that lets us release OMN3 app by app. macOS has been first, with Android expected soon. iOS and PC will follow.

You can run both OMN2 and OMN3 at the same time, and they will happily sync route and map data with Anquet Cloud. So you can say run OMN3 on a Mac, but OMN2 on an iPhone, and route sync will run as normal.

If you run say both OMN2 and OMN3 on a Mac, please realise that to see route data on both you will have to sync on both as they don't share files locally on your Mac. i.e. draw a route on OMN2 and sync will place the route on Anquet Cloud. Sync on OMN3, and that will bring the route from Anquet Cloud to your local OMN3 installation.

Map Data

OMN3 uses a completely new map file format. On logging into OMN3 you will therefore need to download any maps that you require to use. If you are no longer using OMN2, it will be worth removing it from your machine to save space.

What's new in OMN3?

The major updates are:

  • A completely new map drawing system which relies on a new map file format. 
  • Vastly improved map download and map streaming.
  • Much better handling of subscriptions and renewals.
  • Enhanced Zoom on all map types so you can zoom a long way out on all maps.
  • Much quicker initial sync and startup.
  • GE/GM have been replaced by 'Routes, Tracks and Waypoints' (RTW).